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Autumn/Winter 2016 Fashion Week Trends

Ready-to-wear from the runway
All brands tell their own stories, which go straight from the runway into your closet.
BUYMA offers the most eye-catching, gravity-defying, magic-making fashion from 2016 A/W collections.


Play over pretentiousness. Italians have ALWAYS been gods at not taking life too seriously. Even the Italian luxury brands have fun with playful designs.

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New York

Women of New York are bold, confident, too busy to give a **** ...and STILL manage to exude a special feminine spice in their fashion.

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Monochromatic elegance, sophisticated silhouettes, and an effortless chicness... Parisians have a charm to their style that precedes all trends

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New street generation has arrived from Korea. Studded hats, sewing bomber jackets...

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In Japan everything is petite, everything fits so perfectly into small pockets of time and space. Except for the fashion: oversized, non-conforming, rebelious, and of course, kawaii :)

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