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8 Reasons To Chase After The Orange Box

8 Reasons To Chase After The Orange Box

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Even after 68 years, the world is still falling in love with Hermes. Once an expert in saddlery and now an iconic fashion house, Hermes has been the epitome of luxury goods for almost a century. Here are 8 reasons why the legendary brand is every girl's dream to have in her wardrobe.

  • #1. Quality Handcrafted Leather
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With its origins in saddlery and leather equestrian goods, Hermes has always been an expert in leather making. The brand utilizes what seems like an infinite range of fine leather material, from the oldie-but-a-goodie calfskin featured in the Garden Party to the exotic crocodylus found on Bearn wallets. Thanks to the quality material, all Hermes items age amazingly and are definitely worth the investment.

  • #2. Timeless Asthetic
A fashion house has two ways to go about the ever-transforming fashion industry: become the trend or become the legend. Hermes is a perfect example of the latter, with its classic designs, such as the Dogon, that are timeless and will never go out of style. Its beautiful aesthetic also means that the brand suits all ages; so if you're just starting to dabble into luxury, start with affordable options such as these colorful bracelets, or if you're ready to own more bigger pieces, check out the sophisticated Victoria duffle bags.
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  • #3. Attention to Detail
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The Silk-In is the best representation of the French fashion house's amazing regard for details. The wallets sport a simple leather on the exterior, but opened, it showcases a great combination of silk and intricate patterns. Heure H watches are a more subtle approach, with its face resembling the logo.

  • #4. Beautiful Use of Hardware
Similar to the last point, the brand's eye to details is often executed in the form of beautfiul, shiny hardware. Perhaps the most iconic is the padlocks on the Birkins, but the shoes. are also worth the look. The Joyeuse ankle boots rock the refined palladium-plated Kelly buckles, perfect for elegant looks. If you're more of a casual gal, slip on the gorgeous green moccasins that are taken up a notch with the lovely gold H.
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  • #5. Logo Accessories
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What better way to show love to your favorite brand than rocking its logo? Hermes has a host of logo accessories ranging from cuffs, necklaces, belts and much more. Our favorite is the earrings, which come in various forms such as studs and drops. For a more subdued way of showing love, Hermes offers 'Clou de Selle' options, which are buttons with 'Hermes Paris' embossed.

  • #6. Luxurious Fine Jewelry
No girl can have enough elegant fine jewelry and Hermes is no exception. Offered in earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces, we suggest stacking up the beautiful gold rings for an advanced luxury look . For those who are looking for the perfect jewelry for a party, this dazzling diamond encrusted bracelet is definitely worth a view. Regardless of the item, putting any of these pieces will sure to make you feel and look like a million bucks.
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  • #7. Intricate Silk Scarves
Don't be intimated by these insanely detailed scarves. They are great worn on their own around the neck but also make for great companions on the popular Kelly handbags or the classic Bolide. It's an elegant way of adding a pop of color and making your outfit stand out from the crowd. There is a wide variety of patterns and colors available so you'll definiely find your perfect one.

  • #8. The Iconic Birkin
What is a Hermes blog without mentioning the one and only Birkin? Without a doubt the face of the brand, the Birkin is the most popular and sought after handbag of any luxury brand. There is nothing else that exudes elegance, sophistication, history and art all in one piece. While Ms. Birkin herself was limited to the original Birkin in the beginning, lucky for us, the brand has significantly expanded the line, introducing the handbag in fun colors such as cobalt blue and Barbie pink. The collection also extends to accessories, with cute miniture crystal-encrusted Birkins available in necklaces and bracelets.
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