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CHANEL & Me – ParrisMarronier

We interviewed one of our top seller “ParrisMarronier” to introduce her story with CHANEL which her top selling brand. You’ll find how CHANEL has been attracting her for long time, behind the story of the collections, and current trend and new collections!

1. My First CHANEL

When I moved to Paris, I passed by Chanel Boutique on “31 Rue Cambon”, their original store. I remembered that I was amazed and looked up the building because I had watched the movie “Coco avant Chanel” so many times. As you may know, the scenes in that movie, Gabrielle Chanel created the new styles over the years while she was not afraid to be the outside of the stereotypes “how women should look like”. I’ve been attracted to Chanel for years by her mind and vitality in the beautiful creations. My first Chanel was the classic “Matelasse Flap Bag”. I decided immediately when I heard very cute episode of this bag that the inside pocket was for hiding the love letter from the lover!

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2. Favorites Of CHANEL

Chanel launches new collections every 2 months. I love how they’ve been creating such new attractive collections over the years though I sometimes feel “Oh, new collection launches already!?” as a follower. Their classic styles are remained but changing the details of chains or mix of materials, I’m always excited to see their new items. The naming is unique and having the story like “19 Cambon” as a new opened store in Paris. In Paris, I can actually access to a lot of rare colors and sizes of Chanel items. In this season, the Airpods cases are really trending.

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3. How To Wear CHANEL

In Paris, Parisienne put together Chanel items in daily casual, like Coco mark cardigan on denim, or Chanel logo sneakers. But you’ll be amazed how they dress up very well and elegant on the special occasions with beautiful dresses, sequins bag, and sleek silhouette pumps. They know their styles, they are not worn by Chanel – they own Chanel!

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