Metallic from Cody Sanderson
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Metallic from Cody Sanderson

Metallic from Cody Sanderson

Cody Sanderson -- Santa Fe-based designer Cody Sanderson’s namesake jewellery line reflects the great Navajo spirit that Sanderson himself embodies. Founded in 1999, the brand has continued to develop uninhibitedly, with Sanderson’s imaginative character bringing new crafting techniques to traditional Navajo styles. Not only is his exquisitely hand-crafted sterling silver jewellery precious in its authentic scarcity, but its marriage of traditional and contemporary aesthetics, makes it wildly attractive to people all over the world. Cody Sanderson has received numerous awards, fellowships, and his work has been featured widely in books.

Just like humans—
they may look similar,
but each one is uniquely special in their own way… 

All hand-made pieces. No one piece is exactly like the other; each is a one of a kind individual piece of art in essence. The Sanderson process of creation is achieved through hard work and extremely delicate handiwork, with each step of production carried out almost entirely by Cody himself.

Who said silver was for men only? Women can wear armour, elegantly too! -

Where chunky oxidised, rugged-looking silver jewellery was once reserved mainly for mens fashion, it is now making a big splash amongst females as well today. With Cody Sanderson jewellery women display their tough, inner feminine strength, outwardly to the world!

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