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CAUTION: Check Out Your Wish Brands On Our Sale List!

SALE. This word is what all women are looking for always from all over the world, but what do you expect this year, 2017? Clothing should be the one because its life lasts less than bag's (wear and wash cycle is quite short), but the classic bags are hardly on sale in the world. How about at BUYMA? Yes! Browse the sale list, add to shopping bag and straight to checkout!

  • As known as #DG Millennials, Dolce & Gabbana changed their target to young people and did so their designs. Love is the most important spice for their creation and this is how 'the Queen of Hearts' was born in the DG world according to “You can find love wherever.” by Gabbana.

"Rock studded" is the trademark at VALENTINO and their next mission is toward the galaxy; space. Not just studded around, it's all over the purse like shooting stars in the latest collection. Moreover, Pierpaolo Piccioli (VALENTINO creative director) expressed their NASA imagination into clothing also. Still, no matter. In its own way, Piccioli’s collection reads as yet another strand in the season’s enabling of the impulses of girls who just want to dress up and go out dancing. Rather than full-on disco flash, there were mini bubble dresses and ultra-shortened translations of Mr. Valentino’s ruffled couture dresses of the ’80s.

  • #PRADA
  • Stay authentic luxurious forever but change all the time and this is PRADA.
Same as VALENTINO and CHANEL, PRADA traveled out of the earth (like CAHIER with stars), but they also came back to the ground in 30 - 60's military robes by Miuccia Prada. Plus, they added their pop color in their latest collection then set as not-too-army-look in 2017 such as old-school color race up boots and PRADA label on wallet. On the other hand, they don't only make their new trend. Galleria is still being created and they are on sale exclusively at BUYMA for up to 60% off.

  • #FENDI
  • Look what they found in their latest collection, "F".

  • #Stella McCartney
  • The British feminine designer brand is not only too cute. Stella McCartney is the pioneer to open the new trend into the fashion world such as platform sneakers, chain bag (Falabella) and their sport collection (adidas by Stella McCartney). Their attitude toward the environment was quit new but tried the first eco creatures then succeeded their recyclable bags made of water bottles in 2012, and so did faux leather, sustainably certified wood, regenerated cashmere and forest-friendly fabrics.

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